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The Accidental Titles

Published May 30, 2012 by craftyweetzie

I’ve been taking a class on photo books for the last three months, and while I have been working on a hand-bound hardcover accordion book (more on that later) I became inspired and made two small paperback photo books.

The first title, The Cartography of Farmers’ Wives: Photography from 1915-1976, is a short paper-back book with sampling of photography from my great-grandmother and my grandmother. Many of the photographs are landscapes from eastern Washington, although there are a few portraits as well in this contemplative story of one families relationship with the land. I look at this book as a small meditation on a much larger project that I think will probably take me the next 2-3 years to complete. Now that I know I can complete a small project with some of the information and items I have in this collection of family history that has been handed to me, I feel ready to embark on the larger journey.

The second book, A Traveling Song is a small paper-back of Hipstamiatic images I took on my phone on the road-trip my wife and I took when we moved across the country from Washington, D.C., to Seattle, Washington, in 2009. We pretty much drove straight through, and most of the images were taken from the car window while passing through middle America.



We’re Going to Europe

Published May 21, 2012 by craftyweetzie

Ok, we’re not really going to Europe (though I wish we were), but Mend My Dress is now available on Amazon UK and Amazon Europe. So now, if you live in Germany, France or anywhere else Amazon has infiltrated, you can buy the book directly from Amazon. Which means if you’re ordering something from them anyways, you should just throw the book in your cart and have some great reading headed your way.

Of course, you can always buy the book directly from us as well, we’ll still continue to ship anywhere.

In other news, Publishing Intern Jyoti at Bitch Magazine wrote about Mend My Dress in their most recent newsletter, saying “My favorite zine collections are ones that keep the original layout of the Xeroxed zine intact yet still package it within a perfect-bound book format, preserving both the DIY integrity and the shelf life of a zine. This collection offers a beautiful, well-designed, glossy cover with perfectly scanned pages from Neely Bat Chestnut’s Mend My Dress.” Thanks for the mad props, Jyoti, it means a lot to us!
More soon, as we are busily wrapping up, in the middle, and starting on projects,