Short Run is Almost Here (and so is Telegram!)

Published October 24, 2012 by craftyweetzie

It’s been a busy month over here at Mend My Dress Press! Right now, we’re gearing up for Seattle’s Short Run Small Press Fest (which is November 3rd at the Vera Project. That means we only have 11 days left to get our shit together)! We’ve basically means we’ve been taking inventory of our books, and collecting some last minute zines and artists books to bring with us. So it’s a good thing the rain has started in the Pacific Northwest, because it’s a good excuse to hide inside and do inside-y type things.

We’re also anxiously awaiting our first shipment of Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues By Maranda Elizabeth (which we’ll be bringing with us to Short Run, of course)! The pre-sale is already going on, and if you order by the 31st, we’ll throw in a special edition Telegram button, a vinyl sticker, and an 11×17 lilac “Permission to Be Weird” poster by Maranda Elizabeth. Pretty sweet deal!

We’re also busy reviewing zines and getting stock together and starting to build the base for our full distro that will be opening this winter. It’s going great so far, but we’re definitely on the look-out for more titles, so if you’re interested in distro-ing your title with us, please shoot us an email or note, as we’d love to take a look at your zine.



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