Mend My Dress Press is a small publisher and zine distributor (with nearly 200 titles) based out of Tacoma, Washington. We are purveyors of anthologies of zines, small art books, investigative social pieces, and local authors. Mend My Dress Press was born out of grrrl love and the need for more small, independent publishing houses on the west coast that focus on preserving zines in the form of anthologies. We believe these forms of writing and art should be preserved as part of our collective cultural history and look forward to our active role in this effort. If you would like more info, or would like to send us a sample zine for consideration, please contact us for more info. Please don’t submit anything hateful, thanks.

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About us: Neely and Colleen have been trading letters, clothes and records since they were 14 and discovered a shared love of riot girl. It only seemed natural they would eventually start publishing together.

Neely writes an awesome zine entitled “Mend My Dress,” and has traveled the country (and other countries) teaching zine workshops. In her spare times she scouts out deals on old pyrex at rummage sales with her friend Rebecca, sings in a metal band, Ire Adrift, and sews clothes for her blythe dolls. She repaints the rooms in her house everytime she grows tired of a colour (which is at least once a year) and has a knack for finding fabulous old wool coats and cat eye glasses. She shares her home with a rabbit and cat and an extensive Beatrix Potter collection.


Colleen (a.k.a Miss C. Bean) wrote a short run of zines called “teacup.” She has worked in print production for the last 11+ years and in her spare time she quilts, knits, makes a damn good chai, and likes to host vegan dinner parties. Her heart lies in photography, and although she finally just jumped on the digital bandwagon, she prefers to shoot film in cameras from the turn of the century, the 1950’s, and shitty plastic cameras. You can see some of her work on her personal blog. She shares her home with her wife, two cats, a green desk, and too many craft supplies.