Well Hello There!

Hello World!

We’re Colleen and Neely, two ladies who have traded letters, clothes, records and cameras since we were 14 and discovered a shared love of riot girl. Since that fated day in 1995 when our paths first crossed, we’ve both moved around, had adventures, sent many letters, and made art, all while sticking to our DIY and feminist ideologies.

We started working together to self-publish an anthology of Neely’s early issues of her zine, Mend My Dress, and we struck by the obvious need for more women positive small-press publishers on the west coast. So, while deep in the throes of putting together theΒ  anthology, we looked at each other and said “Hell, let’s just start a small publishing house!”

Our hope is to open the possibilities for zine writers who are looking to put out their work in anthology format, making it an easier path to navigate, and to work with writers and artists who are looking to publish their work.

We are getting ready to officially release our first title, Mend My Dress: Collected Zines, 2005-2007, by Neely Bat Chestnut, in mid february, so keep an eye out for the release, and check back for more upcoming titles to be released throughout 2012.

And even though we’re both now seasons past 14 we still believe in girl love, 1995 style.

Got some thoughts? We'd love to hear them!

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