Who’s afraid of Alexis Wolf?

If you haven’t heard of Alexis Wolf, keep reading, ’cause you’re about to get schooled.

Alexis, a writer originally from Seattle, WA, has been spreading quiet contemplation to those who read her works since the inception of Ilse Content, her literary and perzine, in 2004. Razorcake Magazine wrote “Alexis has an uncanny ability to write about things like nature, relationships, family, and even spirituality, without coming across as sentimental or wholesome… It’s thoughtful, aware, and respectful of the reader… it allows for sadness and strives for small redemption.”

And if you’re the type of person who is skeptical of everything and needs to make your own decision, well, go right ahead and drink in some of Alexis’ poetry.

Grandma Ilse
(first appeared in Ilse Content #9)

Well for a while there I was
Seeing your face like some kind of screen over mine
And your hands were of course very familiar, too
Just like I was frequently twisting your hair around my pinky
For a moment there I wasn’t even just dreaming
But smelling your skin because you were holding me tightly
Wrapped in your arms in an afghan on a brown lazy boy chair
Sometimes you come around though you never can stay
This year autumn was strong in our grip
My fingers wound around yours to keep me
Any direction that I walked was closer to you
Transcending interment after all that silly time and space
I simply buried my pleasure deep in your apron pockets
And you put your story of regret back into my mouth
It was hopeful because at least you moved forward or tried
Meatloaf, marble cake, mish mash
I remembered to eat your favorite foods then
And I kept you consistently on the tip of my tongue
But all good things come to an end or something like that
I didn’t even notice you had left here again
Until I looked in the mirror one afternoon and realized
That you had been gone for quite some time

So, what’s the point of going on and on about how amazing Alexis and her writing is? Well, over here at Mend My Dress Press we’re working late nights and weekends in order to bring you An Ilse Content Anthology by the beginning of August. Many selections from issues 1-10 will be included, and we’ll be launching the book at the Portland Zine Symposium on August 10-11th.

So mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to soak in some zine anthology awesomesauce.


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