Stuck in Weed, California

Jonas from Cheer The Eff Up, Neely, and Me at LA Zine Fest
Jonas from Cheer The Eff Up, Neely, and Me at LA Zine Fest

We got to L.A. on Friday and all oohed and awed over the palm trees and bright sun, and spent the next few days soaking in the city, riding the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica, spending time with friends, and laying on Venice Beach at night listening to the waves. Neely and Maranda even got matching swan tattoos!

Sunday was L.A. Zine fest and it was totally amazing! We loaded in early and had a few minutes to peruse our fellow tablers goods before the doors opened and the crowd stated rolling in. We ran a “Anthologizing Your Zines” workshop in the morning, and spent the rest of the seeing zinester friends and meeting new people, getting new zines and selling books and zines to the many people that stopped by our booth.

After we packed up and said our good-byes to friends and tour mates (and maybe shed a few tears…) we got a good nights sleep and woke up bright and early and Neely, Myself and my wife (who flew in to join us) headed off to Disneyland and spent the day totally losing our shit as princesses walked by and riding rides until the park closed down and the booted our butts out.

And so our incredible tour ended, and we packed up the car and kissed L.A. good-bye with a promise to return soon. Joshua from Ms. Valerie Park joined us in the morning and we all headed up the interstate until we hit snow and darkness and called it a night. So here we are, in Weed, California, jumping on the bed and waiting for the snow to clear.



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