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Mend My Dress

Current Issues
By Neelybat Chestnut

Interested in current issues of Neely’s zine, Mend My Dress? You can order them from online shop. There’s also some other neat zines in the online store, so be sure to check ’em out!

Mend My Dress:
Collected Zines: 2005-2007
By Neelybat Chestnut

Neely Bat Chestnut has compiled her zines put out between 2005-2007, which include the first six issues of Mend My Dress, as well as Dear Step Dad and Grit and Glitter, in a comprehensive anthology of early work. Chestnut’s zines are well respected in the zine community.Her zines cover issues ranging from incest, self-harm, the riot grrrl movement, feminism, friendship, fairytale, and healing as she reflects on her childhood and coming-of-age.

$12.99 USD, 178 Pages, B&W, perfect bound. 8 x 5.2 x 0.4 inches, 9.3 ounces. ISBN: 978-0985013103. Copies may be purchased through the online store or etsy. You can also order through Amazon (paperback or kindle edition). Also distributed through Ingram.

An Ilse Content Anthology

By Alexis Wolf

An Ilse Content Anthology, by Alexis Wolf, compiles many selections from Wolf’s beloved zine, Ilse Content. Wolf has been putting out Ilse Content for almost a decade. Wolf writes about family and her families history (especially her grandmother Ilse, for whom the zine is named), traveling, loss and grief, and navigating this harsh and beautiful world.Composed of prose, poetry, history, and letters, Ilse Content will leave you with quiet contemplations that settle and make a home in your thoughts and leave you pondering for days.$14.99 USD, 270 pages, B&W, perfect bound. ISBN-13: 978-0985013141. 9 x 7 x 0.7 inches, 1.2 pounds.

For sale through the online store, and etsy. Also available from amazon.com in paperback and kindle. And for those of you on the other side of the pond, amazon.uk and other European amazon outlets are also carrying the title (so you don’t have to pay for shipping from the U.S.)

Telegram: A Collection
of 27 Issues

By Maranda Elizabeth

In Telegram: A Collection of Twenty-Seven Issues, Maranda tells tales of daily adventures, friendship, gender identity, falling in love with bicycles, getting tattoos, moving out, going crazy, and their experiences with inpatient hospitalizations. They also write about their relationship with their twin sister, and learning how to take care of their mental health within and without conventional institutions, identifying as genderqueer, getting sober, living a creative and meaningful daily life, and finding reasons to keep on going.

$25.00 USD. 5.5 x 7 x 1.52 inches, 442 pages, B&W. ISBN-13: 978-0985013165. Order now through the online shop, Etsy or Amazon.com (paperback or kindle). Due to shipping errors that have been occurring, If you are ordering from Canada, please order from Maranda’s Etsy shop, and if you are ordering from Europe, please order from Amazon)

Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection

By Osa Atoe

Shotgun Seamstress Zine Collection: Six Issues By & For Black Punks is a Black punk fanzine which heavily focuses on Black queer & feminist artists and musicians. Full of interviews, reviews and so much more, Shotgun Seamstress belongs in every zine collection.This anthology includes all six issues, running from 2006-2012, within its 234 pages of extraordinary content.

$17.99 USD, 234 pages, perfect bound, B&W, ISBN 13: 978-0985013158. 10 x 7 x 0.5 inches, 1.2 pounds. Available at the online store, through etsy, amazon (paperback and kindle formats), amazon.uk, and is also being distributed through Ingram.

It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology: Volumes 1 & 2

By lb briggs

It’s Alright: A Truckface Anthology, Volumes 1&2 are issues 7-16 of the long-running zine Truckface

Volume 1

From scooping chicken salads to selling clothes to shelving books to teacher training, Truckface details years of embarrassment and missteps.This volume contains stories of rowdy backyard brawls, awful customer service, awkward social interactions, underpants dance parties, staying angry and learning how to try. Contains issues 7-11.5.

5’x7′, B&W, Perfect bound, 364 pages. Retail cost $19

Volume 2

Through strikes, standardized testing, violence, bouffant wigs, school closings, and drawings of wieners, Truckface documents the life of one Chicago public school teacher. Simultaneously hopeful and hopeless, this volume contains Issues 12-16.

5.5’x7′, B&W, Perfect bound, 446 pages. Retail cost $23.

Both available through our online store and Amazon (paperback and kindle versions)

Retrospect: A Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric Zinethology

By Sarah Sawyers-Lovett

Selections from Sarah Sawyers-Lovett’s long-running zine, Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric, have been collected and showcased in this paperback book. In between the covers lay stories of growing up poor, queer and lonely in a conservative small town in Virginia, building and losing communities and friendships,loss, abusive relationships, survival, balloon artistry, and finding hope and love. Picking up where Sawyers-Lovett left off with her first autobiographical novel Everybody Else’s Girl, her poetic voice and raw honesty will continue to let you witness the breaking apart of life, and will dare you to watch as she puts the pieces back together.

$13 USD, 174 pages, perfect bound, B&W, ISBN 13: 978-0991235421. 9 x 6 inches, 11.5 ounces. Available through our online store and amazon (paperback and kindle editions).

A Traveling Song

By Colleen Borst

A Traveling Song is a small paper-back of Hipstamiatic photos taken on Colleen’s phone on the road-trip her wife and she took when they moved across the country from Washington, D.C., to Seattle, Washington, in 2009. Most of the images were taken from the car window while passing through middle America.

$9.99 USD, 68 pages, perfect bound, full color, ISBN 13: 978-0985013134. 6 x 6 x 0.2 inches, 4.2 ounces. Available through the online shop and through Etsy.

The Cartography of Farmers’ Wives: Photography from 1915-1976

By Colleen Borst

The Cartography of Farmers’ Wives: Photography from 1915-1976, contains a sampling of photography from Colleen’s great-grandmother and grandmother. This short, paper-back books holds landscapes from eastern Washington, along with a few portraits, that detail a profound relationship with the land.

$9.99 USD, 52 pages, perfect bound, full color, ISBN 13: 978-0985013127. 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.1 inches, 5.6 ounces. Available from the online store and through Etsy.

All Those Hats Worn by One 20th Century American Woman

By Grace Shaw Weber

Weber’s life started in 1911 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has lead her through Alberta, Canada, to Seattle, Washington, to Alaska, California, back to Washington where she currently resides.She saw the 20th century through the eyes of a child of the plains, a book-keeper, a shipyard worker during the second world war, a farmer, a mother, and a journalist and press photographer. History and memoir blend together as one woman recounts her life and the 20th century in All Those Hats. Copies can be purchased through Amazon.com for $12.99 You can also order copies through email.