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Book Release: Summer Time

Published June 28, 2013 by craftyweetzie

Our newest book is now out! Summer Time, A Graphic Novella in 4 parts, by Gina Siciliano, is a beautiful and redemptive tale of  sex, violence, punk, love, self-destruction and survival. Gina’s skillful drawings, all done with a ball-point pen, highlight the heartbreaking depth of the novella.

Originally produced as a zine series, the book includes all four original issues, plus some extra story-boards, sketches, and notes, highlighting the process of how Gina created the story.


We met Gina a few years ago, while tabling at the Portland Zine Symposium, and both immediately were drawn to this important body of work. She self-published a small run of the book in 2012, and we are extremely proud to be able to continue keeping the work in print by adding it to the presses catalog, and can’t wait to see what’s next in store from this incredibly proficient storyteller and artist.

The book runs 92 pages, B&W, 8.5″x7″ and is available for $15 from our store, amazon, and amazon.uk


Stuck in Weed, California

Published February 20, 2013 by craftyweetzie
Jonas from Cheer The Eff Up, Neely, and Me at LA Zine Fest

Jonas from Cheer The Eff Up, Neely, and Me at LA Zine Fest

We got to L.A. on Friday and all oohed and awed over the palm trees and bright sun, and spent the next few days soaking in the city, riding the Ferris wheel at Santa Monica, spending time with friends, and laying on Venice Beach at night listening to the waves. Neely and Maranda even got matching swan tattoos!

Sunday was L.A. Zine fest and it was totally amazing! We loaded in early and had a few minutes to peruse our fellow tablers goods before the doors opened and the crowd stated rolling in. We ran a “Anthologizing Your Zines” workshop in the morning, and spent the rest of the seeing zinester friends and meeting new people, getting new zines and selling books and zines to the many people that stopped by our booth.

After we packed up and said our good-byes to friends and tour mates (and maybe shed a few tears…) we got a good nights sleep and woke up bright and early and Neely, Myself and my wife (who flew in to join us) headed off to Disneyland and spent the day totally losing our shit as princesses walked by and riding rides until the park closed down and the booted our butts out.

And so our incredible tour ended, and we packed up the car and kissed L.A. good-bye with a promise to return soon. Joshua from Ms. Valerie Park joined us in the morning and we all headed up the interstate until we hit snow and darkness and called it a night. So here we are, in Weed, California, jumping on the bed and waiting for the snow to clear.



Published January 30, 2013 by craftyweetzie


A well thought out review of Maranda Elizabeth’s Telegram Anthology.

Originally posted on What Hannah Read:

Image***** (5 stars)

This is a beautiful, inspiring, absorbing book. It isn’t a traditional novel, nonfiction tome or memoir but instead a collection of self-published zines (if you’re unsure what a zine is, then google is your friend) which were handcrafted by the author themself. As a result, the look of the book’s pages are much prettier than that of an “ordinary” book, with text written on typewriters, computer and by hand and cute hand-drawn illustrations and embellishments, as well as cut-and-paste images. The text is the collection’s main focus though: Maranda Elizabeth puts a lot of time and effort into crafting their words – and it shows. As an established reader of personal zines (or perzines, as they are commonly known) I know that Maranda’s are among the most popular of the genre, and reading this it is easy to understand why – there is thought and depth in every sentence. Maranda Elizabeth’s style…

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New In Stock

Published December 15, 2012 by craftyweetzie

Well, the disto is up and running full speed ahead, and while we continue to grow our stock of zines (and hopefully soon some buttons and patches!), we thought we’d take a brief moment to highlight some of the titles new in stock! We’re still actively stocking the shelves, and are really excited for zines that are coming our way, and just wanted to remind you that if you’re interested in us potentially carrying your zine, just shoot us an email, we’d love to chat and see if it’s a good fit!

“Jane was a clandestine abortion counseling service which effectively provided safe, humane services to thousands of women prior to the legalization of abortion in 1973. Jane is an inspiration — a beautiful example of the battles that can be won without begging, of women taking their lives into their own hands and taking responsibility for their actions.”

Cheer the Eff Up
Reading Cheer The Eff Up is like getting to know a warm and inviting friend, and makes you just want to send Jonas a letter and become penpals. (Which, PS, is totally plausible). If you haven’t read Cheer the Eff Up yet, we suggest you start at the beginning.

Issue #1: What part of Cheer The Eff Up is fiction? What isn’t? In the end, it doesn’t even seem to matter. Issue #1 starts with a letter to an unborn daughter and takes us traveling through Jonas’ life. Going to college, making friends, losing friends; supporting friends. Most of the zine is about what happened to all of Jonas’ friends after college, and stories about family, peppered with little wisdoms for aforementioned unborn daughter, including “cheer the eff up.” There is a  also bittersweet story that ends with a passive aggressive message on a cake. And that’s amaze-balls.

Deafula is a rad zine about a girl and her deafness

Issue #4: The employment issue. This issue is all about how the authors hearing loss has related to her ability to get a job. stuff about ssdi, ada compliance, and the ways in which being deaf has affected job searching and holding down a job.

Skinned Heart:
A Personal Political Mexicana perspective zine dealing with issues such as mental health, health, abusive relationships, race issues, sexual abuse, and generally living and learning.

Numero Quatro: About surviving abusive relationships, feeling disconnected from culture and finding a way back, health issues and healthcare and living in the northwest.

Live Through This:
A Retrospective, the early work of Leigh Riibe (1995-2000) is part of a retrospective of my teenage years. This collateral zine includes some of the photographs in this collection, mixtape art, and hand painted stories from Leigh’s life in the nineties. As stated on the first page in the zine, “this is a mixtape archive and a photo herstory of one girl in America.”

A brand new issue of Mend My Dress:
#9 Vol. 4: They were all my friends, and they died. Writings about death

Also in stock is Maranda Elizabeth‘s ever popular “Permission to Be Weird” poster on their favorite color, purple!

Short Run is Almost Here (and so is Telegram!)

Published October 24, 2012 by craftyweetzie

It’s been a busy month over here at Mend My Dress Press! Right now, we’re gearing up for Seattle’s Short Run Small Press Fest (which is November 3rd at the Vera Project. That means we only have 11 days left to get our shit together)! We’ve basically means we’ve been taking inventory of our books, and collecting some last minute zines and artists books to bring with us. So it’s a good thing the rain has started in the Pacific Northwest, because it’s a good excuse to hide inside and do inside-y type things.

We’re also anxiously awaiting our first shipment of Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues By Maranda Elizabeth (which we’ll be bringing with us to Short Run, of course)! The pre-sale is already going on, and if you order by the 31st, we’ll throw in a special edition Telegram button, a vinyl sticker, and an 11×17 lilac “Permission to Be Weird” poster by Maranda Elizabeth. Pretty sweet deal!

We’re also busy reviewing zines and getting stock together and starting to build the base for our full distro that will be opening this winter. It’s going great so far, but we’re definitely on the look-out for more titles, so if you’re interested in distro-ing your title with us, please shoot us an email or note, as we’d love to take a look at your zine.




Published October 22, 2012 by craftyweetzie

Welcome to Mend My Dress Press’ Blog! We’re a small grrrl run publishing house and zine distro based in Tacoma, WA. To get to one of our other fun online places (the store, our tumblr, peruse our released titles, and many other cool places) just click the link you want to follow. To read our blog, just scroll down a little. Thanks for visiting!

Wondering What Our Next Project Is?

Published August 2, 2012 by craftyweetzie

Ponder no more! Mend My Dress Press is pleased to announce we will be releasing Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues, by Maranda Elizabeth, in October 2012. So excited!

In Telegram: A Collection of Twenty-Seven Issues, Maranda tells tales of daily adventures, friendship, gender identity, falling in love with bicycles, getting tattoos, moving out, going crazy, and their experiences with inpatient hospitalizations. They also write about their relationship with their twin sister, and learning how to take care of their mental health within and without conventional institutions, identifying as genderqueer, getting sober, living a creative and meaningful daily life, and finding reasons to keep on going.

At its heart and in its guts, Telegram is about seeking magic in the smallest things, staying crazy in a world that wants us to fake sanity or die, and learning how to take good care of ourselves and each other.