Mend My Dress Press is a small publisher and zine distributor (with nearly 200 titles) based out of Tacoma, Washington. We are purveyors of anthologies of zines, small art books, investigative social pieces, and local authors. Mend My Dress Press was born out of grrrl love and the need for more small, independent publishing houses on the west coast that focus on preserving zines in the form of anthologies. We believe these forms of writing and art should be documented as part of our collective cultural history, and we are proud of our active role in this effort.

We published our first book, Mend My Dress, a collection of Neelybat’s long running zine by the same title, in February 2013. We have since published the Shotgun Seamstress Zine Anthology, It’s Alright: A Truckface Zine Anthology Vol. 1 & 2, the Telegram and Ilse Content collections, Days and Nights in a Dark Carnival, and did the pre-production and layout of the Ring of Fire Anthology. We recently released our newest book, Retrospect: A Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric Zinethology, and are currently beginning work on a collection of When Language Runs Dry

We have traveled the country tabling and running workshops at zine, comic and independent book fairs, run workshops in schools, and have offered residencies for fellow authors and artists. If you would like more info, or would like to send us a sample zine for consideration, please contact us at info@mendmydress.com and check us out on tumblr, twitter, instagram and facebook.

About us: Neely and Colleen have been trading letters, clothes and records since they were 14 and discovered a shared love of riot grrrl. It only seemed natural they would eventually start publishing together. All income is cycled back into the project for future projects, travel, events, and promotion. Mend My Dress Press relies heavily on volunteer work from others who believe in our mission and word of mouth, and we thank our volunteers and fellow zine community members for their continued support.

Neelybat Chestnut: Co-owner and Content Director

Neely has been writing her zine, “Mend My Dress,” for just over ten years and has traveled the country teaching zine workshops. When not working on press business or writing she works in Seattle’s largest tourist trap. She also collects vintage toys, and sings in the punk/metal band Ire Adrift. Her best friends are a white and black spotted rabbit, an old grey kitty and a black and tan chihuahua. Email Neely at Neely@mendmydress.com

Colleen Borst: Co-owner and Lead Designer

Colleen has been writing bad poetry and shooting photos on plastic cameras for the last two decades. She has worked in the non-profit realm in print production and design for over a decade, and these days works full-time for a local university. In her spare time she quilts, knits, and makes a damn good chai. Most recently, the majority of her time has been spent enjoying her role as a new mama as her and her wife settle into new routines with baby Hank. They also share their home with two rescued cats and a terrier mix, Bernie Pickles. 
Email Colleen at Colleen@mendmydress.com

What People are saying:

Telegram is the kind of zine that made me want to start writing zines in the first place. Maranda writes about their personal experiences with enough distance and care that they become not purging, but rather small maps that can help us look at our own lives and the beauty of how we survive and become more fully the people we want to become.”
-Cindy Crabb, of Doris Press, on Telegram

“…composed on a typewriter, and adorned with stickers and markings, Mend My Dress is a personal account of Neely’s life events and how she feels about ’em … The point isn’t that we readers know all the details, it’s that we understand their collective effect when built-up into a feeling, and maybe even relate.”
-Tavi Gevinson, of Rookie Mag, on Mend My Dress

Truckface is, and has always been, on of the greatest zines out there: LB’s hilarious, poignant, sharply-observed, and sometimes heartbreaking meditations on the challenges and triumphs of being a queer, punk public-school teacher in one of the most underserved school districs in the country will make you stand on your chair and cheer aloud.”
Sarah McCarry, on Truckface

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